Month: November 2017

Can my sealed transmission hold up to 100,000 kilometres of driving annually?

According to the operator’s manual as well as the Lexus dealer, my 2015 LS 460L includes a sealed transmission that will never require support or a fluid/filter shift. I typically drive 100,000 highway kilometres annually and expect to keep it for five decades. Are the specialists to be considered? — Cam The days of one Read More

RapidFix UV works like magic on minor repairs

RapidFix Liquid Plastic Adhesive with UV Light Available at: Canadian Tire Cost: $24.99 If saying “abracadabra” makes you believe its magical, go ahead. The RapidFix method of mending small breaks includes a flashlight emitting UV light — which makes your repair a tiny magic show. We analyzed RapidFix UV on a couple of things around Read More

Can I keep driving my car after the turbocharger stops functioning?

The turbocharger stopped working in my 2009 Audi A4. Can the auto function without it, and is it being ruined by being driven? — Gabriella Your turbocharger is a turbine/fan device driven by the engine’s exhaust gases, devised to raise the pressure of the incoming air into the motor. This pressure boost is known as Read More

Ledlenser MT10 flashlight packs a Strong punch

Ledlenser MT10 flashlight Available at: Cost: $108 This pocket-sized flashlight by Ledlenser could have saved many a shipwreck if the sailor from the crow’s nest had this handy beacon to stage at shallow seas. That may be an overstatement, but it would definitely have helped locate the rats hiding in the hold. Not that you’ve Read More

Toronto Company X-Matik aims to bring self-driving Technologies to older cars

There’s going to be a new dividing line among car owners within the next few years between those who can afford to buy sure-to-be-expensive, mostly-autonomous vehicles and those who continue to drive less costly manual options. Nima Ashtari wants to help that second group enjoy the benefits of self-driving cars, too. X-Matik Inc., his Toronto-based Read More

Why does my Ford F-150 squeak when I change venting positions?

I have a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup truck and when I switch the control from dashboard air circulation to defrost position, I get a squeaky rumble sound. The noise also occurs when switching to floor circulation from any other position. Any suggestions or explanations as to why this happens? – Paul Positioned behind the truck’s Read More

Purchase parts for you car without leaving your Property

Car parts Available at: Cost: Wide range Statistics out of the USA say the average age of a car on the roads is 11 1/2 years old and over 14 million cars on the road are older than 25. While owners of these older cars search for ways to keep them, new car owners want Read More

Time for that yearly discussion: winter tires or all-seasons?

This is Canada. We pride ourselves on being able to endure the most miserable winters everywhere. We giggle (to ourselves, politely) at tourists wearing down coats before the Christmas decorations are in shops. A number people still think winter tires are for snowflakes, so the yearly debate has begun in several of the nation’s major Read More

Faceoff: Chevrolet Cruze LT Hatch vs. VW Golf TSi Trendline

A funny thing has happened throughout the stampede from cars and to crossovers: some compact cars are growing their sales back. And curiously, they are largely those who included new hatchback versions for 2017: , and . Thus far, the recently hatched competition has not hurt the sales of the seminal hatch that has been Read More

My 2008 Nissan Altima is not shifting properly. What’s happening?

I’ve a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5L, 152,000 kilometres, with a CVT Transmission which recently has been acting abnormally. At times it seems stuck in low first gear, not up-shifting as I accelerate away, with the revs heading way up to nearly 4,000 rpm. Other times it gets trapped in large sixth gear at low rates, Read More

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