Month: September 2017

Easily-overlooked Magic-Mat is a Helpful dashboard storage accessory

Magic-Mat Premium Available at: Canadian Tire Cost: $6.99 Magic-Mat is among the items that resides at the end of the aisle with the tree-shaped atmosphere stinkers and the “As seen on TV” products. Thinking about the measly cost, it was worth the gamble. Peel the tacky, flimsy black mat in the wrapper and throw it Read More

Space Pictures of the Week: So Long, Cassini.

Thanks for All the Pics

This week, all eyes are on Saturn and, more especially, the Cassini spacecraft which circled the planet one final time before crashing into its surface on Friday. It left behind tens of thousands of pictures, including some last shots such as the picture of Saturn’s clouds close to the terminator, that’s the boundary between day Read More

Jaguar Land Rover Appears to self-driving future with steering wheel Idea

In a future where cars are self-driving, the only portion of them that motorists may own is your steering wheel. That is the notion behind Jaguar Land Rover’s “Sayer” concept, unveiled last week in the British car manufacturer’s technology showcase in London. The oblong steering wheel could be outfitted with microphones, speakers and artificially intelligent Read More

Honda recalling Almost 53,000 minivans in Canada, Components not available until spring

Honda Canada says it is going to take until next spring to find the parts required to repair thousands of Odyssey minivans that are being recalled because second-row chairs may not lock into place. The Japanese car maker says the Canadian remember covers 52,710 Odyssey minivans in the 2011 to 2016 models. Honda says there’s Read More

The Fake Mountain Range That Appeared on Maps to Get a Century

The Mountains of Kong form a magnificent, impassable mountain range in West Africa. It is not real. But that did not stop 19th-century writers from waxing poetic about its formidable, snow-capped peaks. Or illustrious cartographers from including it in historical maps. Or Jim Naughten from photographing it. The British photographer pretends the legend’s true for Read More

The Perceptor: An AI Helper for every kind of driving style

The Prototypes column presents new vehicle concepts and gifts visuals from designers that illustrate the ideas. Some are extensions of existing concepts, others new, some production-ready, othersnbsp;far-fetched The concept The Perceptor is an artificial-intelligence system developed for your car that’s intended to notice your behavior behind the wheel and accommodate the car’s attributes to your Read More

Keep road salt with Rust Check spray

Rust Check — Coat amp; Safeguard Available at:, Canadian Tire, PartSource Cost: $6.79 to $9.69 There it’s creeping in softly through the cracks and on exposed metal. And like bad acne on a teenager, the consequences of rust are permanent. But would you have prevented it? Maybe. Maybe not. But would not an ounce Read More

Space Pictures of the Week: Spiral Galaxy Swaddles Baby Stars in Its Big Dusty Arms

It’s simple to feel as if you never have sufficient time to do the things you will need to do, but that’s particularly true for the Cassini spacecraft. After almost 138 days circling between Saturn and its glittering rings, Cassini will finish its dance by diving headlong into Saturn following week. However, it still has Read More

Why Mazda’s HCCI engine could revolutionize the auto industry

The motor under the hood of this tiny Mazda3 is a holy grail of technology: a gas engine which uses compression, not ignition, to push the vehicle. That is why there are still only six of these on earth and why it is down me the autobahn in 175nbsp;km/h. Alright, so the autobahn thing is Read More

Photo of the Week: A Hellish Vision of Portland, Oregon’s Famous Gorge in Flames

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a gorgeous canyon just east of Portland, Oregon. It follows the river some 80 miles through the Cascade Mountains along the Washington–Oregon state line, offering countless scenic vistas and hiking trails. The gorge also boasts 800 wildflower species and at least 70 waterfalls, including the famous 600-foot Read More

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