Day: September 9, 2017

Keep road salt with Rust Check spray

Rust Check — Coat amp; Safeguard Available at:, Canadian Tire, PartSource Cost: $6.79 to $9.69 There it’s creeping in softly through the cracks and on exposed metal. And like bad acne on a teenager, the consequences of rust are permanent. But would you have prevented it? Maybe. Maybe not. But would not an ounce Read More

Space Pictures of the Week: Spiral Galaxy Swaddles Baby Stars in Its Big Dusty Arms

It’s simple to feel as if you never have sufficient time to do the things you will need to do, but that’s particularly true for the Cassini spacecraft. After almost 138 days circling between Saturn and its glittering rings, Cassini will finish its dance by diving headlong into Saturn following week. However, it still has Read More