Day: September 8, 2017

Why Mazda’s HCCI engine could revolutionize the auto industry

The motor under the hood of this tiny Mazda3 is a holy grail of technology: a gas engine which uses compression, not ignition, to push the vehicle. That is why there are still only six of these on earth and why it is down me the autobahn in 175nbsp;km/h. Alright, so the autobahn thing is Read More

Photo of the Week: A Hellish Vision of Portland, Oregon’s Famous Gorge in Flames

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a gorgeous canyon just east of Portland, Oregon. It follows the river some 80 miles through the Cascade Mountains along the Washington–Oregon state line, offering countless scenic vistas and hiking trails. The gorge also boasts 800 wildflower species and at least 70 waterfalls, including the famous 600-foot Read More