Month: September 2017

Protect your trailer from theft with this Master Lock product

Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler Lock Available at: Canadian Tire, , Cost: $34.99 Smacking your mind and cursing will not bring the trailer back that somebody just pilfered from the rear street, but maybe a glowing reddish ounce of security wrapped around your trailer hitch will help. Thieves only require a few seconds to spot Read More

Why these drivers say a Singer-restored Porsche 911 is worth the extra thousands?

It’s hard not to consider this eye-watering price tag of this Porsche 911 revived by Singer while going on a twisty stretch of Vancouver’s Marine Drive. However, the fixation soonnbsp;fades. It takes just a minute to readapt into the old-school bottom-hinged pedals of a Porsche 964 — the mill designation given to 911s built between Read More

The World’s Most Beautiful Moths Will Set Your Heart Aflutter

Emmet Gowin’s improbable romance with moths began 20 years back in Ecuador. Driving up a mountain road one night, his guide pulled over and set up a strong light. Over the next 3 hours, Gowin watched in amazement as countless moths fluttered from the woods toward the glow. “They are so exquisitely beautiful and unpredictable,” Read More

My Dodge Caravan’s air conditioner is making a strange noise. Any ideas?

When my air is on I hear a noise from front to back on the passenger side of my 2012 Dodge Caravan minivan with 137,000 kilometres on it. Can you provide some ideas? — Bob Noises will travel through the chassis of any vehicle; attempting to determine their source can prove to be challenging. Have Read More

Waze navigation Program lets the community help you plan the best Path

Waze navigation program for Android or Apple Available at: Google Play and App StoreCost: Free Well, this is interesting. A community-based navigation system. Now, rather than just your spouse telling you where to turn, millions of people from all over the globe are doing it. But in a wonderful way. Plan your route for the Read More

Space Pictures of the Week: Spiral Galaxy’s Secretly a Giant Gasbag

Stars are magnificent at the night skies, but that’s nothing compared to seeing one up close. This week, scientists peered at U Antilae, a reddish carbon-rich celebrity 900 light years from Earth. Snapped from the European Southern Observatory, this orange beacon is observed in a wide perspective surrounded by the darkness of space. The Atacama Read More

Review: The Genesis G70 is a South Korean Automobile with a German Frame of Mind

As new Genesis G70s tear around the track in the Inje Speedway outside Seoul, there is not a BMW or Mercedes-Benz in sight — but both are definitely innbsp;thoughts. “When it comes to driving ability we looked at this car from Bavaria [BMW], and if it came to luxury we looked at a vehicle coming Read More

Tour Europe and America’s Wacky, Culture-Swapping Festivals

Many Americans travel to Europe to experience its distinctive culture, history and tradition. So they might be surprised to stumble upon a rockabilly festival in Hungary, or a Civil War reenactment at the Czech Republic, or a Wild West theme park in France. RELATED STORIES Laura Mallonee Meet the People of a Soviet Nation That Read More

The Strange, Grisly World of Crocodile Hunting in Australia

There are far more than 100,000 saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia. They develop more 20 feet long, weigh over 1000 pounds, and bite with a force exceeding the weight of a little car. And yet there are a group of people mad enough to search them. They cruise around in boats at night with simply Read More

Easily-overlooked Magic-Mat is a Helpful dashboard storage accessory

Magic-Mat Premium Available at: Canadian Tire Cost: $6.99 Magic-Mat is among the items that resides at the end of the aisle with the tree-shaped atmosphere stinkers and the “As seen on TV” products. Thinking about the measly cost, it was worth the gamble. Peel the tacky, flimsy black mat in the wrapper and throw it Read More

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