Month: August 2017

The Randvu: A private Railroad transport for business travel

The concept The Randvu would enable business people to use railroads and subway tracks to maneuver in and around town. It’s designed with the purpose of reducing thetravel times. The background In Atlas Shrugged, the heroine used her family’s railroad track to traveling from city to city. Imagine if “company trains” could one day become Read More

Is the short-lived banging noise in my engine ordinary?

I have an odd, short-lived, banging sound upon startup of my 2007 Honda Pilot. Once launched, the vehicle runs really smooth at idle and driving. The automobile has 150,000 km. — Kevin Short-lived sounds can sometimes be notoriously tricky to diagnose. A seasoned ear will be beneficial as the tech will just have a short Read More

Porsche’s racing tradition on display during Monterey Car Week

Porsche’s long history of racing was front and center in Monterey Car Week. By sheer number alone, the German car maker was also the very popular at this yearly gathering of automotive enthusiasts. Never was that more evident than in the Corral de Tierra Country Club on Friday. An estimated 1,300 Porsches from fans throughout Read More

My SUV has developed a shudder, and the Fix of the dealer has Not helped

My 2008 Toyota RAV4 with 200,000 kilometres has developed a shimmy/shudder/vibration in 60 km/h. Toyota replaced the drive shaft and said it had been the universals — such as hanger bearing — but there was no change. Under speed, although it happens after the transmission changes to fourth and the level off or it goes Read More

Automobile alliance is joined by Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler will join an alliance led by BMW to create self-driving cars, intensifying a race by carmakers and technology organizations to develop “robotaxis” that can be called up through smartphone and paid for by the moment. As clients depart automobile ownership the market for such cabs could be worth $ according to consultants McKinsey. Read More

Nissan ProPilot Assist: Will win the race?

Nissan is set to unveil its Leaf in 3 weeks. But before its Sept. 5 launch, the Japanese manufacturer showcased among its important new features — a semi-autonomous technologies named ProPilot Assist that utilizes forward-facing radar and front camera, together with sensors and a digital control module to detect highway lane markers and surrounding vehicles. Read More

Will the oil light flash if my car’s pipes are plugged?

I recently bought a 2010 Mazda CX-7. In the time of purchase, 95,000 kilometres had been done by it. The turbo engine failed in the pipe between the engine and the turbo because of buildup. As we didn’t get the car serviced within 10,000 21, we’ve been told by Mazda it’s our fault. If the Read More