Month: July 2017

Would without sporting through the brake pads, I must replace my rotors?

I have a 2009 Acura RDX with 100,000 km. The dealer informed me that the pads were down to less than 2mm and should be replaced. They would change the pads and replacement that is necessary of the rotors. Why? As we had not worn throughout the pads, there was no wear on the rotors. Read More

Am I hearing a sound when shifting into gear?

I am contemplating purchasing a 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 Diesel imported from Poland with 223,000 kilometres on it. I noticed a sound when shifting into gear while test-driving it. The owner says I shifted . Any hint as to what it may be? The gears changed. — Tom I will assume that the automobile Read More

The dealership can’t Appear to Correct a wobble Within the chassis of my SUV

My 2011 CR-V LX includes a wobble at 98-100 kilometers per hour throughout the chassis. Putting your hands anywhere you will feel from the dashboard and arm rest for that the wobble/shaking. Of the tires balanced and replaced them. While it was still within warranty, Honda replaced the bearings, drive shafts [and removed the propeller Read More

The app find the shortest House

Upon airplane or a traffic helicopter motorists relied for decades to report traffic nightmares to prevent. The fact that a lot of this data was old news by the time it hit on the atmosphere and covered as much land as the aircraft could handle mattered. The eye in the sky was king. However, its Read More

Why do brake components keep seizing later I had them reconstructed?

I have a 2002 Acura RSX. I had rebuilt pads, calipers and rotors . Since that time, I’ve had my pads replaced once among the calipers grabbed. They replaced brake pads and the caliper . A month goes by and my brakes will need to be replaced. This is extremely expensive and I have the Read More