Month: August 2016

Canadian startup looking to sell electric cars in a completely different way

An upstart Canadian auto seller is aiming to drive the worldwide market for electric vehicle sales by launching an innovative web-based sales platform and showroom that will move transactions online and away from the traditional car lot. Dedicated solely to electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, the GTA-based company, called EVEN Electric, will not be exclusively aligned Read More

Pickup truck with hot tub for bed designed to be best party car in town

Our Prototypes column introduces new vehicle concepts and presents visuals from designers who illustrate the ideas. Some of them will be extensions of existing concepts, others will be new, some will be production ready, and others really far-fetched. The concept The Magwa is a pickup truck concept equipped with a special cargo box that can Read More

Keyless entry systems on most Volkswagens, Audis can be hacked: researchers

Tens of millions of vehicles sold by Volkswagen AG over the past 20 years, and some current models, are vulnerable to theft because keyless entry systems can be hacked using cheap technical devices, according to European researchers. Computer security experts at the University of Birmingham have published a paper outlining how they were able to Read More

Why are my seat belts frozen in place?

I drive a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and was recently hit from behind by another vehicle. My seat belts tightened up and are now frozen in place. My airbags did not deploy. I will be taking the truck to a repair shop but I’m not confident it will have an answer, and I’m worried about something Read More

At long last, the Hydrogen Highway may soon be here

Stephen Beatty was looking through some old papers not long ago and found a report prepared for then-prime minister Joe Clark on Canada’s hydrogen-powered future. “It talked of the hydrogen economy being only 25 years away,” Toyota Canada’s vice-president says. “That was in 1979, when the hydrogen economy was always 25 years away. It’s different Read More

Toyota’s Mirai is boring, but a complete revolution in automotive thinking

Toyota’s Mirai is a homely styled sedan. Nobody’s going to buy one for its looks, with huge, cavernous front air ducts and a slab-sided profile. However, they’re going to buy it, if and when it comes on sale in Canada, because it uses no gasoline, produces no emission except clean water and doesn’t need an Read More

Review: 2016 Volvo XC 90 bodes well for company’s comeback

It could have been worse. Volvo could have ended up like its Swedish compatriots at Saab: bankrupt and gone, just a fond memory fading fast. Volvo suffered through lean years under Ford ownership. The old XC 90, for example, was forced to stay on the market for 12 years – much longer than the natural Read More

Review: 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG perfect for life in the low-key fast lane

When two cars are compared to Batman and Robin, what in all of Gotham does that imply about the vehicular Robin? And the C450 AMG 4MATIC is definitely not the Batman in this comic book, Mercedes-AMG’s Oliver Wiech made emphatically clear as he closed his presentation with an image of the comic world’s dynamic duo. Read More

Review: 2016 Kia Sorento aims to hit sweet spot with size

The ideas behind 2016 Kia Sorento sport-utility vehicle are genius, a foolish gamble or insanity. Regardless, the execution is superb. Who’s gonna buy it? Goldilocks? Kia’s hope is the genius behind its “just right” rig will answer the prayers of families who find the five-passenger Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue too small and seven-passenger Hyundai Read More

Review: 2015 BMW 740Ld is the ultimate cruising machine

Is quiet comfort redundant? Thrifty performance an oxymoron? Big and agile exclusive? BMW’s long-wheelbase diesel 7 inspires those questions, has luxury’s requisites, and relegates the ActiveHybrid 7 to those who drive a few km per day. (Overall score: 8.1) Walkaround From blunt double-kidney prow and angel-eye headlights to rear pillar Hofmeister kink echoed in the Read More

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